Audio / Video

Effortlessly access all your favorite entertainment in your Lake Tahoe home.


Home Theater

Bring the theater experience into your home

  • Experience your favorite movies in stunning 4K video
  • Hear the movies like you’ve never heard them before with Dolby Apmos surround sound
  • Automate your lighting and climate to create the ultimate viewing experience

Multi-Room Music

High fidelity audio delivered to any space in your West Shore Tahoe home

  • Easily control audio throughout your home via mobile app, touch screens, in wall keypads or voice commands
  • Connect all your favorite music streaming services for quick access to playlists
  • Enjoy the same audio throughout your home or play different sources in different rooms

Outdoor Audio and Video

Upgrade the outdoor space in your East Shore Tahoe home with audio and video entertainment options

  • Watch your favorite movies and listen to your favorite music in outdoor areas
  • Experience glare resistant and weather resistant televisions
  • Cover small areas with sound or fill an entire backyard with sound