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Wifi and Networking

A powerful network is the backbone to any home, office, or business today



Ensure you and your family are connected with high speed Wifi coverage in your Tahoe home

  • High bandwidth Wifi radios ensure excellent connectivity between all your devices
  • Expand your Wifi coverage so you can work in any area of your Tahoe Truckee home
  • Work from home or outside your home!  Outdoor Wifi access points provide connectivity to your beautiful Tahoe outdoor living spaces.


Today’s devices require a powerful network to support a multitude of tasks

  • A well designed network will keep up with your needs and not slow you down
  • Remote Updates: We can keep your network software updated and operating smoothly without needing to come to your home
  • Modern cat6, cat7, and fiber cabling provide the fastest throughput possible in your Incline home.
home security

Network Security

With cyber threats and security becoming an increasing issue, browse with confidence knowing you are secure

  • High performance wifi access points, routers, and switches ensure your network is secure
  • Firewall and VPN options provide added security
  • Remote diagnostic services ensure your network is always running smoothly